About half a century ago father and mother Lassaut started a catering business. Together, they drove with a packed mini-van to Brussels to cater parties there.

Their son, Daniël Lassaut, took over the business and specialised himself in banquets. After his education at the famous hotel school in Namen, he worked in numerous restaurants in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Italy and Monaco. After a meaningful trip through Europe, he came back to Belgium and started his own business: organising of banquets.

Together with his charming wife, Christine Dauw, Daniël Lassaut succeeded in developing a personal style. He’s a big partisan of the French chef Auguste Escoffier. Lassaut describes his style as a French-Belgian cuisine adapted to the year 2005.

In his landhouse at Holsbeek, he can receive up to 250 people at once. Give him any location and Daniël Lassaut and his team turn your party into an unforgettable event!

Daniël Lassaut is part of:
            Les Disciples D'Auguste Escoffier Benelux
Master Chefs from Belgium
The Order of the ’33 Master Chefs from Belgium’

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